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Simplify, Connect, Succeed

BeeKonnected uses the most advanced technology to transform the way you connect with clients. Whether you’re a podcaster, online coach, consultant, influencer or entrepreneur, BeeKonnected’s features make it easier than ever to grow and monetize your following.

Drive Instant Conversions

BeeKonnected redefines user engagement with its customizable CTA buttons. In every video, you can control each step in real time. Whether it's setting up a meeting, downloading a resource, or subscribing to a service, live CTAs make it easier than ever to drive results from your webinars, sales calls or podcasts. And these CTAs remain live after your video is over.

One - Click Simplicity

The platform offers one-click solutions to infuse your custom branding across your profile. This ease of branding extends to uploading custom logos, setting distinctive brand colors, and integrating your brand imagery. By simplifying the customization process, BeeKonnected ensures that even the least tech-savvy users can create a branded presence that captivates and engages their network.”

Free Simultaneous Streaming to Multiple Sites

Simplify your workflow and amplify your message by streaming to multiple sites at the same time. You can go live on YouTube, Facebook and other popular sites with a single click and without paying for other streaming software.

Get New, Qualified Leads in Seconds

With BeeKonnected’s Konnection Generator, networking is as effortless as it is effective. Utilizing AI technology, it sorts through potential matches to present you with followers and prospects that have the highest potential for conversion. Streamline your networking efforts and enjoy a bounty of qualified leads that are just a click away

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$0 / mo
  • Video Meetings: 90 Min duration
  • Stream to 2 Platforms
  • Post and Chat
  • Konnections using A.I. Technology
  • Join Groups & Live Shows


$19.95 USD / mo
  • All of BeeFree +
  • Unlimited Duration & Stream to 5 Platforms
  • Custom Branded Meetings
  • Call to Actions During Meetings/Shows
  • Private/Public Group Creation
  • 100% of Your Group Receives Info
  • Organic Leads to Entire Database
  • Konnect with New Prospects Instantly


$49.95 USD / mo
  • All of Pro +
  • Webinars Designed to Sell More
  • Live Broadcasting
  • 3,000 Attendee Plus Streaming
  • Replays with "Hot" Button Links
  • Recordings with 100GB of Storage
  • Monetize Your Following
  • Affiliate Opportunity
Your can be monetized on Beekonnected.

At Beekonnected we provide you with multiple platforms to seamlessly connect you with your audience or target market. If you are going to grow a following, or intend to…

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